About Us

ezdata UK are a provider of data management solutions and support to a wide range of schools.  Our expertise includes but is not limited to SIMS.net, SISRA, FFT and Microsoft Power BI Tools enabling us to aid schools in the use of data for organisation and improvement.  We make data usage simple by developing easy-to-use systems that enable staff to make a positive impact in your school.

SIMS.net and Data Systems

We use years of professional experience to tailor assessment manager and data systems to your requirements.  Our aim is for staff to have concise, easy to understand information at their fingertips without having to spend hours working through it.


We offer risk free flexible managed service and support packages in line with your short and long term needs. This can include but is not limited to maternity cover, staff illness or to simply give you time to assess your options if a key member of staff leaves.

Dashboard and Visualisation

Empowering and educating your school community to use visualisation to find the stories that your data can tell.  Use software that you already have to develop tools that enable you to present data with visual representations that allow stakeholders to see the unexpected.


Consultancy for schools who wish to have their data systems quality assured and/or developed further in line with the developing national data and assessment requirements.


Save staff time and realise their full potential with SIMS Assessment Manager and Microsoft training.

Improve Data Quality

Data quality is crucial to operational and decision making processes and can be affected by the way it is entered, stored and managed.   As part of this service we can advise and carry out maintenance on your data to ensure it is fit for purpose.