School Data Management using Self Service Information Tools

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As we all know, schools are needing to maximise decreasing budgets without any let up in the drive for raising standards.

This is due to get considerably worse over the next couple of years as funds get paired back even more. The only way to make savings is to reduce salary costs, which are incurred year after year.

A possible saving in the data management area is to employ a data professional on a contracted basis to set-up and develop the school systems while the school admin team run those systems.

School assessment data is in the main semi static which means a school will have a data collection anywhere from 2 to 6 times a year. They will analyse the data at each of these points and put a plan in place to deal with any issues. Once the assessment and reporting system is in place you will only require a data professional to oversee those collection points.

The typical setup for School Assessment Systems is as follows:

1) Use SIMS as the Data Storage facility.
2) Export to a Third Party Data Analysis Product.
3) Any Analysis that you cannot do with the Third Party Product, Export to Excel.

A few facts:

1) Excel is used to analyse in the region of 98% of the World’s data.
2) Does it Export to Excel is the the question that is asked most when purchasing any system.
3) Third most used button in any system after OK and Cancel is Export to Excel.

You may be asking why the fascination with Excel? If you do not know Excel, along with Power Pivot, Query and BI has come on leaps and bounds and is central to the Microsoft push to embed Business Intelligence in to everyday working life.  Best of all, you will almost certainly already have most of the software in school and what you don’t have is likely to be free.

We can help you achieve what we at ezdata are calling Self Service Information. You can take the data that you are exporting to your Third Party Anaysis tools and create a model that will enable your staff to link to that data via Excel.  They will then be able to create their own tables and charts without the TIME CONSUMING headache of finding and shaping the data.  No more VLOOKUP or waiting for the Excel Guru to find you the data or construct a report that fit’s your needs.  Multiply the time saved by the amount of staff and you are on to a sure winner with both cost and staff moral.

We offer risk free flexible managed service and support packages in line with your short and long term needs. This can include but is not limited to maternity cover, staff illness or to simply give you time to assess your options if a key member of staff leaves.

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