School Data Preparation

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Information and Admin personnel in schools usually have to deal with data that is coming from many different sources in many different formats.  Whether performing basic data entry, building simple reports or constructing mail merge documents, the data seldom enters their world in a ready-to-use format and can take hours of cleaning, filtering and reshaping to get things ready to go.

Skill sets vary greatly, but the overall aim is the same and includes:

  • Transforming data to meet their needs
  • Appending one data set to another
  • Merging multiple data sets together

Their role is to clean up data and turn it into information. Without this work being done correctly, the end results of any analysis may lack accuracy.

Once the data is prepared and ready, they can perform a vast array of powerful analytical processes with ease. Tools including conditional formatting, filters, pivot tables, charts, slicers, and more let them work magic and impress the stakeholders.

Getting the data prepared and ready is both time consuming and can be difficult depending on requirements.  Unfortunately, they will probably have to do the same cleansing task next week, next month or at the next data collection.

There are free tools available that can cut this process down to minutes rather than hours.

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